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LDR Squared provides training solutions to organisations of all sizes and sectors across the North East. Our training ensures that compliances are met and that the activity of training provides a REAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Business Improvement Techniques

business-improvement-techniquesBusiness Improvement Techniques (B-IT) provides learners with the knowledge of continuous improvement (Kaizen). Our B-IT programmes are based on the key themes of 5S Workplace Organisation, Kaizen, and Visual Management. Optional units include: Problem Solving, Process Flow, and SOP.

Leadership and Management

leadership-and-managementWe effectively utilise the flexibilities of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) suite of qualifications to offer leadership and management programmes that meet a wide range of needs. We can provide accredited or non accredited management training covering the units offered by ILM.

Holistic Training and Consultancy

holisticHolistic training is the concept of considering the organisation as a whole when determining the correct training programme and the skills, knowledge and concepts to be delivered.  We have supported a number of organisations (such as: Spartan UKLotte Chemical UK Ltd) to design and develop Strategic Organisational Development Plans (ODP) to support an organisational wide training programme.

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